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Visit Carolina Nissan When You Start to Notice Issues with Your Battery

Is your Nissan ready to take you and your family on an extended summer road trip? It may not be ready if you notice your engine is starting slowly or making unusual noises. These are a couple of signs your battery may be dying. You should visit our service department at Carolina Nissan in Greensboro when you recognize these problems before you go on your summer road trip to Chapel Hill. Here is some information we would like you to know about having battery problems.

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Slow Starts

When you start your car, there shouldn't be lag.

As your battery ages, it can begin to take longer for your car to start. So, if you notice it takes a few seconds to engage, then it's usually time to investigate getting a new battery for your Nissan Pathfinder.

A battery is not only responsible for starting your Nissan, but it also provides power to various electronic components throughout the vehicle. The battery becomes more prone to issues as it ages. A slow-starting engine is one of the indicators of a dying battery. You may also notice the dashboard operating slowly, and the interior and exterior lights may dim. If these symptoms persist, it is probably time to take your Nissan in for battery service at Carolina Nissan.

Electrical System

The battery is responsible for controlling the electrical components in your car.

Everything from lights that dim to a radio that goes in and out are signs your battery needs to be replaced.

And when you begin adding more electrical components and relying on your battery to charge them, it's best to have a fresh battery going forward.


When you're driving around Charlotte and notice a decrease in power, it could be your battery isn't getting the proper charge from terminals and related components.

Over time, corrosion can build up on terminals, resulting in voltage issues as well as difficulties starting your car or maintaining power.

You can usually solve this issue by having terminals cleaned so there's no residue left behind.

Unusual Noises

Squeaking or clicking noises are other common indicators of a dying battery. These sounds will occur when you turn the key to start the engine. A weak battery does not have enough power to crank the engine resulting in unusual noises and difficulties in starting the engine. You should bring your Nissan to our service department as soon as possible when this occurs.

Dashboard Warning Light

You may notice a battery symbol on your dashboard. When this symbol illuminates, it indicates a problem with the battery or some other part of the electrical system. Our technicians can inspect your battery and electrical system to find the source of the problem.

Carolina Nissan - Offering Complete Battery Servicing Near Chapel Hill

Make your battery-service appointment online or visit with us. With usage of the latest testing equipment, we'll work to ensure your battery is up for any challenge ahead.

We also have a full stock of replacement batteries often experiencing parts specials, should there be a need.