Pre-Owned Inventory for Sale in Burlington

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Used Cars, Trucks & SUVs For Sale in Burlington, NC

Some used car sellers only offer customers a small portion of what lies in their inventory. But at Carolina Nissan in Burlington, you can drive out with anything that we possess in stock. Our inventory includes all the customer favorites such as hatchbacks, SUVs, and more. 

Whether big or small, our vehicles are built to last and undergo rigorous testing before acquisition. You'll find them driven by others in Greensboro and elsewhere. People know us and love the dedication we make to getting used cars to all who enter our location. Shown below are some of the vehicle configurations carried and the brands among them.

Powerful Pickups

Pickup trucks aren't only for people in the construction or transport business. There are lots of things that a used one can provide for you. Towing other cars or caravans is a simple thing to do, so long as you keep the load under its maximum capacity. And with trucks like the Jeep Gladiator among our fleet, moving equipment won't deplete your fuel at a rapid pace.

The Ford F150 has pickups that run-off diesel and regular fuel, two and four-door trims, and a modernized cabin with built-in navigational controls. We know that High Point loves their trucks, Rams in particular. A used 2500 has just as much power as any new pickup sold. Even with their size, all Rams are easy to drive and are great introductory pickups for people that have never driven a large vehicle.

Vans for Long-Distance Travel

Today's minivans come in multiple styles. Some are compact yet retain good storage space in the trunk. The Nissan Quest has 260 HP at its base configuration and can hold 20 gallons of fuel, with 27 miles per gallon on the highway. It's a minivan for carpooling in Chapel Hill, managing 20 mpg on the street. It seats seven and packs in 37 cubic feet of cargo in the back.

Hatchbacks with Plenty of Space

People love hatchbacks for being spacious but compact. Their fuel economy high, the Sonic and Cruze Hatchback exemplifying this. Both are produced by Chevy and are four-door, with in-line-4 engines at the base trim. The Cruze has slightly more horsepower than the Sonic, specified as 153 at its maximum. But regardless of what hatchback you like, all that we sell can turn your driving experience into a pleasant one, even in Raliegh's traffic.

Sedans for your Daily Commute

Sedans are what many people look for at our franchise. They're the most common configuration in the world. Try out the Fiesta, Fusion, and Taurus built by Ford. Many of Ford's recently made used sedans mimic luxury brands, containing telescopic steering wheels, touchscreen navigation in the center console, and comfortable seating with heating capabilities.

We also have Nissan sedans in stock. The Altima caps at 39 miles per gallon on the interstate and can deliver 246 horsepower with its in-line-4 engine. According to the trim that you pick, you'll get either AWD or FWD, the former starting at the lower configurations. Chevrolet has the Malibu and the popular Impala. The Impala has a four-cylinder engine and lots of legroom in the front and back. It's a car that every occupant will sit in comfortably. The Malibu resembles the Impala in the interior but has a differing highlight on the front grille.

Visit Carolina Nissan at your Convenience!

Our used cars are in such great shape that some might confuse them for new vehicles. Choose your next Jeep, Chevy, Ford, Nissan, and more here in Charlotte. We have vehicles in conditions that our competition can't match. The models you love are with us and ready to be tested immediately upon your arrival! Visit Carolina Nissan in Burlington to learn more about CPO models, trade-in process, calculate your payment, and financing.